I started this blog because of the 30 Day Project my family did.  But it quickly grew in scope.

Every week I post a review of a fiction book (everything from picture books up to adult fiction, but usually chapter books for 2nd-8th grade) for Fiction Friday.

As I have the time and inclination, I try to review other books (usually non-fiction) during the week.  These other reviews are under Book Reviews.

Sometimes I might review more than one book on a subject, and Compare and Contrast two or more books.

Also as I am starting to build up some reviews, I am beginning to do Book Lists.

Sometimes I do other fun stuff like Web Wednesday, or a book haul or tag.

The majority of my reviews focus on books with African American authors, illustrators, or characters, however I also review books from other groups.  This page explains how I use tags to sort reviews.

Roughly half the books I review come from the library, whether one I work at, or one my family patronizes.  I also buy a lot of books.  People also give me a lot of books, either as gifts or just randomly.  So far none of those people have been publishers or authors, but if you want to send me a book, I like free books (but make no guarantees about timeliness or that I will enjoy the book).  I tag all my books with how I got it and sometimes mention that in the review as well.

Some of the books I’m reading might be ones used by teachers I work with, read by students or kids of mine, or ones I use as read-alouds at home or one of my workplaces.  Sometimes I might note that, or give another opinion, especially if it differs from mine.

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