Non-Fiction Reading Challenge 2018

This is my progress page for the 2018 Non-Fiction Reading Challenge.
The official sign-up page is on DoingDeweyDecimal.
I posted about my goals and the rules I’m setting for myself here.


Read 10 books about Africa, set in African, or dealing with the African diaspora.

  1. Read Tears of the Desert (memoir of ordinary life and then the genocide in Darfur).
  2. Read And the Journey Begins (Deaf South African, also a library book).

Read 10 books from my unread shelves.

  1. Read Same Family, Different Colors, which also counts for the January monthly diversity goal.

Read 10 library books.

I’m only counting them if A) I finish reviewing them and B) I don’t go into overdue status.

  1. Read And the Journey Begins (Deaf South African, also an African book)

Read 10 books that fit into my ongoing multi-year challenges.

#100indigenousbooks challenge .

Diverse Disabled challenge .

Read 10 books that fit the monthly diversity goals or are chosen for the quarterly group reads.

  • January – Biracial Awareness
    Read Same Family, Different Colors (also from my unread shelves)
  • February – Black History Month
  • March – Women’s History Month
  • April –  Arab Heritage Month
  • May – Asian/Pacific Islander History Month
  • ​June – LGBT Pride Summer
  • July – LGBT Pride Summer
  • August – Mental Health Awareness
  • September – Hispanic History Month
  • October – Physical Disability Awareness Month
  • November – Native American History Month
  • ​December – Religious Minorities

Complete one of my 5 challenge books from start to finish.

  • Long Walk to Freedom (the comprehensive autobiography of Nelson Mandela)
  • For Hearing People Only (a textbook about Deaf culture and ASL)
  • Roots (the story of one black family through several generations)*
  • The New Jim Crow (a look at the racial bias in mass incarceration in the US)
  • God is Not One (Stephen Prothero’s study of world religions)

*I realize that Roots is today classified as a work of fiction.  However the old edition I have was marked nonfiction so it’s been shelved with those books and fits with this part of the challenge.

Stretch Goals:

Read the 8 books about the Civil Rights Movement that I already own, and any others I acquire in 2018.


Read 10 books about Central or South America, set in Central or South America, or featuring Central or South American main characters but taking place elsewhere.


Last Updated: January 24th, 2018.


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