My 2019 Bookish Goals Mid-Year Update

Last year my goals were too many and too complicated.  At the beginning of this year I chose 11 goals (many tweaked versions of last year’s) between blogging, reading, and book habits.  This is my check-in/tweaking mid-year post.

Blog Goals:

Review 10 diverse board books.

I’ve only done three so far this year (although others are in the pipeline).  However, I do plan to keep trying with this one, and think I can complete seven more board book reviews.  Back in March, I also posted my questioning whether it’s worth continuing these reviews as my youngest child is getting older and will be into picture books in the blink of an eye.  Offline someone suggested that I start reaching out to publishers to try and get review copies, and an important part of that is continuing to plug away at the list.

Complete 20 Fiction Friday posts on time.

I have only done 5 Fiction Friday posts so far this year, so I think I’m going to drop this goal.  I will continue posting fiction on Fridays and non-fiction/poetry/graphic novels/board books during the week, but this isn’t going to be a regular feature this year.

Take a month long hiatus with prescheduled posts.

Well I took a multi-month long unplanned hiatus this spring/summer and didn’t have posts scheduled.  I am planning to take part of December off from blogging and the internet and am working on a plan for that time.

Complete three one booklists.

I have completed zero booklists BUT have been working very hard on this and anticipate having at least one done in the next six months.  So I’m going to modify this goal to be easier since the one I’ve been working on is pretty long and more labor intensive than I expected.


Read and review a work of diverse historical fiction every month.

I still own the same books., but haven’t read or reviewed any more of them in these past six months.  This goal I’m letting go, but I did buy some more historical fiction, so expect to see it return next year.  (Yes I’m aware that purchase wasn’t my wisest choice given the next goal.)

Spend less money, specifically through two months of no book buying and two months of reviewing backlist books I already own.

I did one month of no book buying.  It was very difficult especially when the thrift store had a sale.  I’m still planning to try to do this again in the next few months.  I also did one month of only reviewing backlist (not released in the past year) books, however since I schedule posts and that was the month that I went on unexpected hiatus, it’s not really visible in the blog.  I’m going to modify the second half to be “books I already own” (and want to get rid of) instead, that’s more reasonable for me.

Destash – maintain a one in, one or more out policy.

Ehhh.  Someone gave me a bunch of free books which pretty much blew this out of the water.  However I am trying to be more intentional about my collection – saying no to books, letting go of books I’m not likely to read or reread, and being honest with myself about how much I can reasonably read while working full time, parenting, managing my family’s new health needs, and blogging.

Nonfiction Goals:

Review 10 books about Africa, set in African, or dealing with the African diaspora.

I have not done this and I am not going to do this.  Well, I’d still love to but this is not going to be the year.


Read 10 #ownvoice Latin@ or Hispanic books.

I have read two (three if you count fiction too).  But realistically this is not going to happen.  I still have a lot of interest in doing this but it’s not reasonable as a focus for me this year.  Also, early on I got distracted and started reading other books instead.

Read 10 books that fit into my ongoing multi-year challenges.

This was the only goal I actually completed last year!  Well between my #100indigenousbooks challenge and Diverse Disabled challenge, so far this year I’ve posted ONE review.  Both challenge pages also need to be updated.  So I suspect that I won’t be doing this this year.

Complete any one of my challenge books from start to finish.

I actually took two of these to the hospital but have no idea what I did with the bag they were in.  Not only did I not read those, but I bought and started reading another super long book, and lost another one of the original five.  This might be something I just need to give up on this year.  Maybe these six books are not meant to be read in their entirety, at least by me.

My Rules:

Double-dipping is okay.

Reviews can be posted late.

The goal is to have fun.


In the end, I am keeping 3 goals as written in the beginning of the year, modifying three goals to better suit me mid-year, and letting five goals go with the understanding that they aren’t priorities for me at the moment or won’t work with my life circumstances as this year has turned out.

How about you? How are you doing on your bookish goals for 2019?  I’ll report on how I did at the end of the year.


Author: colorfulbookreviews

I work in a library by day and parent the rest of the time. I am passionate about good books representing the full spectrum of human diversity for every age group and reading level. This blog is my attempt to help parents, educators, and librarians find the best children's books authored by or featuring characters of color.

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