My 2019 Bookish Goals

Last year my goals were too many and too complicated.  This year I’ve chosen 11 goals (many tweaked versions of last year’s) between blogging, reading, and book habits. 

Blog Goals:

Review 10 diverse board books.

Honestly, I seem to do about ten per year anyway so this seems like a more reasonable goal.  I’d like to continue chipping away at reviewing our board books before they get too chewed up to read, as I feel like this feature may one day be useful to other parents, or people who would like to gift diverse books to new parents.

Complete 20 Fiction Friday posts on time.

I do like this feature and want to try and revive it.  Weekly on-time posts were clearly too much for me.  Given my recent focus on non-fiction, I’m worried the bar might again be set too high, but this is just a goal and can be ignored or altered.

Take a month long hiatus with prescheduled posts.

Honestly, it seems like I take a hiatus every year whether I want/plan to or not, I’m just trying to lean in and be prepared in advance for when it inevitably happens.

Complete three booklists.

Good booklists are like blog view gold.  People click them more than anything else and they tend to drive a lot of new traffic and follows.  They also are super fun to make.  I love making booklists for my professional life and for my friends, and I love reading booklists.  However, I almost never post any because I only like to include books that I’ve completed reviews for already.  I’ve already started compiling five booklists for the blog.  I just have to review enough books to do three of them.


Read and review a work of diverse historical fiction every month.

I didn’t complete this last year, and I still own the same books.  This goal carries on.

Spend less money, specifically through two months of no book buying and two months of reviewing backlist books.

I can’t overspend my book budget again, it’s just not an option.  We also have less space for books than before.  So I want to focus on reviewing previous purchases (especially so I can move out books that we didn’t like).  Of course the library is always an option too.

Destash – maintain a one in, one or more out policy.

Last year I got rid of some books.  This year I want to keep reducing and be even more mindful of time, space, and budget constraints.  If a new-to-us book comes in the house, one or more must leave.  I’m hoping by narrowing it down, we’ll both enjoy the books we own more, and use our local library more too.

Nonfiction Goals:

Review 10 books about Africa, set in African, or dealing with the African diaspora.

There’s a whole shelf of these waiting for me, and a lot of library books on my TBR.  I also have some reviews waiting to be formatted or edited.


Read 10 #ownvoice Latin@ or Hispanic books.

I really liked focusing on a specific area last year, it led me down some fascinating paths.  This year I’d like to work on another area I need to learn more about.

Read 10 books that fit into my ongoing multi-year challenges.

This was the only goal I actually completed last year, so of course I’m going to include it again!  Keeping up some slow but steady progress on my #100indigenousbooks challenge and Diverse Disabled challenge is important to me.

Complete any one of my challenge books from start to finish.

I’ve mentioned these before.  The first three are all over 400 pages.  Long Walk to Freedom (the comprehensive autobiography of Nelson Mandela), For Hearing People Only (textbook about Deaf culture and ASL), and Roots (the story of one black family through several generations).

The other two shouldn’t be so challenging.  I’ve read every single chapter of The New Jim Crow, I just haven’t read the book in a cohesive enough manner to comment with any clarity on it.  God is Not One is under 400 pages, but I keep setting it aside for long periods of time.

My Rules:

Double-dipping is okay.

Reviews can be posted late.

The goal is to have fun.


How about you? What are your bookish goals for 2019?  I think this year I want to write a check-in post during June or July, so I can see how the goals are progressing and tweak as needed.


Author: colorfulbookreviews

I work in a library by day and parent the rest of the time. I am passionate about good books representing the full spectrum of human diversity for every age group and reading level. This blog is my attempt to help parents, educators, and librarians find the best children's books authored by or featuring characters of color.

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