I’ve been debating for a while how to write this, or even whether to write this at all.  My focus here is entirely on books and diverse reading.  However, inevitably some changes in my personal life will lead to changes in the blog.

For a long time I worked in a variety of school libraries, tutoring, as a TA, substitute, etc.  Plus we have generally had up to 6 kids around for many years.  This year I’m taking a very positive career change which will involve just one full-time job but it is a very different kind of librarianship that will not be applicable to this blog.  We also will be down to only two(ish) children at home.

The main difference that this means for the blog is I won’t be reviewing as many picture books (although I still have more cued up and continue to love them, so I will still be posting them).  Also, I won’t be able to comment as much on student reactions and educational uses of books, although there are some I’ve used in the past that I haven’t reviewed yet, so this may still crop up from time to time.

I will be taking a planned hiatus of approximately a month while we welcome Baby M and I transition to this new career.  The blog will still be going through scheduled posts that I’ve written in advance, but moderated comments won’t be approved, emails will not be answered, and I won’t be reading posts.  Honestly, I may still log on from time to time but I’m not sure how I’ll feel until it starts happening.

There are lots of ends to wrap up and training, so this feels like the best choice for me and my family.  BUT rest assured that I am committed to ColorfulBookReviews and diverse reading, I love the blog community here, and I will return.

Thank you.

Author: colorfulbookreviews

I work in a library by day and parent the rest of the time. I am passionate about good books representing the full spectrum of human diversity for every age group and reading level. This blog is my attempt to help parents, educators, and librarians find the best children's books authored by or featuring characters of color.

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