Web: Deaf History Month!

Some videos and links for Deaf History Month and hearing parents of Deaf children.

Welcome to the celebration of a month not many people know about!

First off, National Deaf History Month is not a month of the calendar year.  Instead, it is the month between March 13th and April 15th, which commemorates several important milestones in American Deaf History.

This is separate from the international sign celebrations.  In fact, the UN has chosen September 23rd, 2018 to be the first International Day of Sign Languages.  Most countries celebrate Deaf Awareness month or International Week of the Deaf in September.  In some areas, December is also an important month because of the birthdays of Laurent Clerc and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet.

Back to National Deaf History Month.  I like this video because not only is the signing (ASL) clear, there is also great captioning and voice-over:

Martha’s Vineyard

I believe this article is where I first heard about Martha’s Vineyard and the unique Deaf population that thrived there.  Ever since I have been fascinated with the story!

Here is an ASL travel video to Martha’s Vineyard:

Which also pointed me to this interesting website.

For Parents of Deaf Children

Since one of the books I’m reviewing this week deals with hearing aids and cochlear implants, I feel like it’s important to include these videos.

Millicent Simmonds (a young deaf actress who starred in Wonderstruck) and her mother Emily:

And model/actor Nyle DiMarco:


Are any of you studying ASL or any other language?  How did you start learning?


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