Nonfiction November Wrap-Up

What I read during Nonfiction November.

As I posted before, Nonfiction November ended up being a reading success but a blogging fail since our home internet was out for quite a while!

Trying to Conquer the Book Haul

2017 October Book Haul resized
October 2017 Book Haul

I read nearly all the books from this haul that I hadn’t previously.  The Girl From Everywhere I am saving for a day when I need a good book, all the other fiction & graphic novels I’d read before November.  The other three books in this stack that I did not read (yet) are the Harlem Renaissance book (because there are two other books I already own about the topic and want to read first), the Kaiulani biography (want to reread her autobiography first) and the Muhammad Ali biography (just didn’t feel like it).

So that is 6 (more if you count the early chapter books, which I’m not) middle grade nonfiction books.

Other Diverse Books I Read All or Most of During the Month

These are books I either read from start to finish, or books that I read 90% or more of during November.  For example I had already read a chapter each in Acts of Faith and Dalai Lama, My Son.  Usually I have several nonfiction books going at any one time due to my technique of having particular books for each place I regularly read.  (Outliers, First in the Family HS)

It really helped that I didn’t dislike any of these 8 books.

A few of these were re-reads, which also helped them go by faster!

Some Diverse Books I Read Part of During November

These are some of the books that I started but decided not to read, or books that I read a chapter or more from before the month ended.

These three are rereads.  I first read Chasing Space back when I bought it, and Amy Tan and Wes Moore’s books I read many years ago but wanted to reread for the blog.

I still didn’t make much progress with Long Walk to Freedom.  Evicted is fascinating but so sad.  And it takes place in Milwaukee, one of the main cities in Wisconsin that I’ve been to many times!  Kisses from Katie is a bit more… mixed.  It was highly recommended but isn’t living up to my expectations.

Other Reading

I also read several books for work and the nonfiction selections for my book clubs during this month.  There were also some books on parenting/child development/education which I read that I’m still debating whether to review here or not.  Two were diverse so they will probably make it on here – Promises Kept and a book on celebrating holidays in preschools which I lent out so don’t have the exact title.

Honestly, there may be other books I read partially and have forgotten about!  This blog is usually how I track my diverse reading (because I start a new post draft for each new nonfiction book I start reading), so without internet my paper record-keeping was spotty at best.

Final Thoughts

I am VERY happy with how much nonfiction I read in November.  It was rather serendipitous that the internet went out and left me with only reading for entertainment.  We did have internet on our cell phones and I had some access at work, but for the most part it was used for more essential communication.

Aside from required school reading, I don’t think I have ever read more than ten nonfiction books in a month.  This really showed me that I need to commit to reading more nonfiction, especially since I do own a lot of books that are sitting around the house unread.  Also how productive I can be reading when there is no access to television or internet…

In short this was one of the best months for reading in my life!

How did you do with Nonfiction November?

What nonfiction have you been reading lately?

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I work in a library by day and parent the rest of the time. I am passionate about good books representing the full spectrum of human diversity for every age group and reading level. This blog is my attempt to help parents, educators, and librarians find the best children's books authored by or featuring characters of color.

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