Web: Gender and Sexuality

Five articles or videos worth your time from around the web.

This week I’m focusing on a few articles dealing with gender and sexuality.  As always, if you read any of these, or have further links you’d recommend, please leave a comment.

Who’s Allowed to Hold Hands? by Nicole Dennis-Benn.

“While a white lesbian couple could walk holding hands or even tongue kiss in the middle of the street, lesbians of color, particularly black lesbians, have a hard time doing the same. I felt outraged when this became more apparent to me, as an open femme, who can pass as straight — the ultimate trigger for men who have a hard time accepting that women like us are out of reach.”

Bill Nye just casually validated asexuality and I spent ten minutes crying in my kitchen by nerdstrings.

The tumblr format irritates me, but this post is worth a read.  We watch a lot of older Bill Nye around here but have not enjoyed his new show (it feels like he’s trying too hard to recapture the charm and play on the nostalgia of his viewers), so I didn’t see this myself, but am so glad it exists and is providing comfort and visibility.

The Extraordinary Case of the Guevedoces (BBC Magazine)

I had never heard of this, although it’s been known to Western culture since the 1970s and this unattributed article is from 2015.  We’ve even watched the first episode of Countdown to Life, but haven’t gotten to the second episode where this story is included.  The Guevedoces seem to show that a somewhat isolated group with a high instance of something will develop it into a cultural norm, much like the early American Deaf culture on Martha’s Vineyard.

National Geographic Short Film Showcase: Transmormon

Eri is marginalized in many ways: as a transgender woman, as a Mormon, as a biracial Asian-American.  However it’s clear that her family loves and supports her, and this brief documentary turns a familiar narrative on its head by showing a traditional, very religious family (including extended family) who accept their daughter’s transition.

Seven Facts About Gender You Should Know by Brynn Tannehill.

“One line of argument that tries to further segregate transgender people is that they are not “real” women or men because they do not have the exact same experiences as most cisgender people. This is dangerous in the sense that it invalidates the lived experiences of a threatened minority group, while othering them and opening the door for “separate but equal” legal marginalization. It’s also wrong on a number of levels.”


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