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“I’m especially excited for teachers, and adults in general, to read it, too—perhaps the book will serve as a reminder to treat all kids the same way, regardless of their abilities.” ~Cece Bell

Earlier I posted about the graphic novel memoir El Deafo.  Well, as is the case with many Newberry Honor books, there are lots of other resources out there for this book.Comic Book Legal Defense Fund: Using El Deafo in Education – a resource for teachers preparing to use this in class (not recommended for students as the changing content in the left-hand column can have inappropriate covers)

An El Deafo Teaching Guide (PDF) – including Common Core correlations and cross-curricular activities

Cece Bell shows us her phonic ear, talks about why a graphic novel was the perfect format for a book about her hearing loss, and explains how the characters came to be bunnies in a lovely video.

This similar video also shows the phonic ear and gives a brief introduction, but is closed captioned.

A video review (by a hearing person) in simple/slow sign language, with captions for the hearing audience.  Some signs used are different to ones I learned, but that might be a regional difference.

The Salem Museum and Historical society had an exhibit about the book which is now available in digital form.  Additionally, a five-question interview with Cece Bell.

The Washington Post has a quick summary of the book’s highlights and explains why it is such a big deal that El Deafo was the first graphic novel to win a Newberry Honor.

On Cece Bell’s blog there are a lot of extras & tidbits about the book.  Some of my favorites:
First draft of El Deafo’s fourth chapter
Experiences with speech therapy from a chapter later cut from the book
Audiology reports and photographs, as well as book pages
Real childhood reference photos compared to drawings
Hospital drawings and El Deafo’s origin story
Another example of outline to finished pages
Cece’s parents, then and now
Additional family photographs
Still friends with the real Martha!

Enjoy learning more about this great graphic novel.

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